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Day 4: Discuss your views on Religion

I was trying to avoid this question I think.

My first excuse was an exam but that was two whole days ago and the exam wasn’t that difficult. Then I tried to be “busy” but I really have nothing to do. I am bored, still in the bad-mood-phase I told you about earlier  and I really need to complete this challenge so I’m here again.


There are three things I will never care about if you are a part of my life in any way (unless you’re my significant other).

  1. Your political stance/background
  2. Your sexuality
  3. Your religion

I put my best effort into ensuring that I don’t judge persons based on those three things. You stand no chance of a friendship if you support Trump for obvious reasons. BUT I WILL NOT JUDGE YOU.

Believe in whatever you want to believe in. Only you can answer for yourself if/when judgement day comes. Some persons were raised to believe in a certain thing, others gave up believing after doing their own research and arriving at their own conclusions.

There was a long period in my life when I didn’t want to hear anything about God or the church because I couldn’t understand why such a powerful, kind being would allow me to go through the things I did. I began to question things even though I grew up in a firm Christian home. I believe it’s good to question things. It’s good to conduct your research and gather your own information and then decide who/what to follow. After that, you will be sure about your faith and you’ll stand firm in what you believe.Following shit blindly because that’s what you heard or because it sounds attractive makes no sense.

So that’s my thing believe in whatever you want. Yes I’m going to ask questions. I’m going to need you explain whatever it is you stand for to me.

I hope that answers the question.

AND YES I KNOW TODAY IS DAY 8. I’ll catch right back up, no worries 🙂







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