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Day 7: What were your favourite childhood toys?

When I was younger, I was surrounded by male cousins. Especially in the summer. Fun for us was catching lizards with traps made from banana or palm leaves or trying to catch birds all day and then trying to cook them. We made the usual mud pies, ackee leaves and smooth pebbles were our currency  and we had a swing at the front of the yard every now and then.

Looking back now, I feel like my favourite “toy” was my cousin’s drum set. The drum set was made of  paint cans, plastic buckets and a very thin pot covers. That’s my favourite because those were the days when my cousin and I spent most of our time together creating amazing memories.

I was the praise and worship leader and he was the drummer obviously. It was noise from the moment we woke up until my grandmother got fed up. Then on Sunday morning our neighbours would come up to us and tell us how they loved our service during the week.

I want to raise my children exactly like that. To enjoy the outdoors and to be creative enough to use what they have and their imaginations to enjoy childhood. Not tablets and phones and games. I want my child to step outside and imagine an entire ocean around the house. You know?

What was your favourite toy?


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