Happy New Year

Last year this time I was working on my Resolutions post and now I am just sitting and looking at time’s breakneck speed. I had listed three things I wished to improve in 2017 and I’m here to give you a short update on how I have been doing.

My first task was to work on relationships. A few persons may disagree, and that may be because I  chose not to work on my relationship with those particular persons, but I believe I have come a long way in that department. I have met a few new persons. I have also contacted and maintained contact with a few old friends. I feel like I have learned to communicate a bit more. I have been working TIRELESSLY at my facial expressions. I found out that a few persons have been avoiding me because of that. I have a lot of improvement to do but I am way better at it.

The second thing I needed to focus on was exercise. So …

I’ve ben going to the gym. At one point I was working out on the steps on my tower in the mornings but I haven’t been consistent. I have no excuse.

My final task was my fear. Guys I don’t even know how to explain to you how crazy this issue is. I refuse to walk into a room full of people if I’ll be walking in alone. My body literally shuts down. I whisper a short prayer before I make a phone call. I hold my breath for the first spoon of food someone takes from a meal I cooked, it’s crazy. But I’m improving. This is where not giving a shit comes in and it’s coming in very strong.

This year I’ll still be working on those three things but I’ll need to include proper planning to the mix. I have school, work, a new business and a few other things to focus on and for the past few months I have been neglecting one thing or the other on my “To  Do” list because of focusing too much on one thing. For example today I was sitting, thinking and I realized I’ve never set specific dates to post on this blog. I’d just write and post based on my mood or I’d work with a challenge until it failed.

For 2018, it is my intention to post something new every Monday and Friday. I have no idea how it will go but I’m going to be a very organized Euranique this year so watch out for it.

Happy New Year 🙂


6 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. I can be your accountability partner if you want! This year you’re gonna grow and make so much progress Eura! I know it! ✨💕


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