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Day 3: What are your top 5 Pet Peeves?


I did something like this before but nothing is wrong with doing it again.


If you’d like to see the first one here you go: My Pet Peeves

Ok let’s go.


Anything slow. Slow wi-fi, slow text responses, slow talkers, slow brains, slow walking, slow lines. If you want to annoy me, BE SLOW. I’m not saying that things need to be rushed but I like seeing things being done. When things slow down or I see where I’m going to be late I PANIC.


I hate …. when I’m on the phone with someone and they decide to have conversations with someone else or they answer another phone or anything close to that. I am going to hang up on you. I may even block you.


The loud chewing. I’m never going to like it. I’ll forever be annoyed. I’ll hate you for days. I’ll disappear when you start eating. I may even disappear forever. I honestly hate it. Eating like your tongue is falling out is just not cute.


Unexpected visitors. Who’s going to let you in though… I mean, I’m not expecting anybody. I may not even be home. I don’t even care if it’s an emergency. I need to get myself in the frame of mind to look in another person’s face. I need to clean my space up. A lot of things need to be done. So if you can’t call first I really can’t help you.


Anything that looks like chocolate and turns out to be something else is a disappointment to god and man.

Oatmeal/Raisin cookies?

Fruit Cake?

Black Forest Cake?

Those are my enemies.


I can’t be the only one. What are your pet peeves?


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